Natural Intensive Treatment Oil for Itchy & Dry Skin Minoa A-8


Natural Intensive Treatment Oil for Itchy & Dry Skin 50 ml.
A natural Oil, enhanced for active and effective skin treatment. It combines the revitalizing effects of the best Cretan "extra virgin olive oil" with the stimulating healing properties of aromatic herbs. Their unique combination allows the skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients of the herbs to treat and cure the Atopy skin conditions.
Relaxes and calms stressed body and tensed nerves and helps the atopic, itchy and dry skin to recover.
Protects, nourishes, moisturizes
your skin and leaves you with a soft, supple and smooth touch.
Delays the ageing of tissues and their claudication.

100% Natural Protection & Treatment with Botanotherapy Minoa A-8
For Babies, Children and Adults. - Concentrated

*Without any Chemical Processing or Additives*

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