Oregano Cretan


The leaves and flowering stems are strongly antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, stimulant, stomachic and mildly tonic. Oregano is taken by mouth for the treatment of colds, influenza, mild fevers, indigestion, stomach upsets and painful menstruation. It is strongly sedative and should not be taken in large doses, though mild teas have a soothing effect and aid restful sleep. Used topically, oregano is one of the best antiseptics because of its high thymol content
The Greek name origanon [ὀρίγανον] might well contain oros [ὄρος] “mountain”, and the verb ganousthai [γανοῦσθαι] “delight in”, because oregano prefers higher altitude in Mediterranean climate.
Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used oregano as an antiseptic as well as a cure for stomach and respiratory ailments.
Oregano is used for tomato sauces, fried vegetables and grilled meat.
Gretan Oregano mixed with garlic, salt, and olive oil makes a great marinade for pork, beef, or roasted potatoes. Add a little Rosemary to the marinade and use it on poultry.
Cretan wild "Origanum onites"
Antiseptic; Antispasmodic, Carminative, Cholagogue, Diaphoretic, Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Stimulant, Stomachic, Tonic

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