Agrimonia Eupatoria, Αγριμόνιο.


Agrimonia Eupatoria  also known as “Church Steeples”, “Liverwort”, “Cockleburr” and “Sticklewort” is a native of England and Scotland.

The herb has been used since ancient times to staunch the bleeding of soldiers on the battlefield. It is also beneficial in regulating heavy menstrual bleeding. During the 9th century the herb was boiled in milk to treat impotency; boiled in beer the herb had opposite effects.

In modern times owing to its low toxicity levels it is especially recommended for treatment in children. It is especially useful in treatment bed-wetting in children as well as adult incontinence.

Agrimonia Eupatoria is beneficial for alleviating cold symptoms such as sore throats and cough. It is also a potent remedy for digestive disorders which include peptic ulcer, liver and gall bladder dysfunction.

It has antibacterial properties and hence is used for minor cuts, bruising an burns and as well as wash for skin rashes.


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