Borago officinalis - Μποράγκο Μποράντζα


Also known as starflower or Boarage, the Borago officinalis is a native of the Mediterranean region. It is also growing in the UK and many parts of Europe.

Borage is used as both herb and fresh vegetable. In traditional medicine, the Borago officinalis is used for treating kidney and bladder disorder, urinary tract problems, cardiovascular conditions, asthma, bronchitis and gastrointestinal conditions.

The tea is used to provide relief from kidney inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis, flu, and colds. Since the herb has the ability to improves blood circulation to the heart, it needs to be taken with caution and in moderate amounts.

Borago officinalis is also known to be beneficial in alleviation menopause and PMS symptoms by regulating hormone production. Applied to inflamed areas it brings relief from pain and reduces swelling.

The juice of the herb is recommended as a remedy for jaundice, countering ringworm attack, and against fever. The ashes of the herb boiled in honeyed water or mead are used as gargle to brings relief to mouth/ throat ulcers.

The flowers of the herb are an effective tonic for convalescing persons as well as those with weak disposition. The Borago officinalis is also used for treating inflammation of the eyes. 

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