Cherry stalks


The cherry is the fruit of the Prunus avium, which is a native of the British Isles. It is also found growing in Eurasia, North America and Australia. The fruit is a power house of vitamins and antioxidants, but the Cherry stalks are extremely beneficial to health as well. It is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and depurative properties.

Used as herbal medicine for a long time, the stalks are used as tea for cleansing and treating urinary tract and kidney conditions. It also helps to break and remove stones formed in the urinary tract and kidneys. However, if the stones are too large it is better to use alternative methods as the tea might cause blockage.

The Cherry stalks is effective in combating all types of allergies such as urticarial and asthma. It is known to lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart; it also is a preventive for cardiac ischemia.

The tea of
Cherry stalks helps regularising the metabolism aiding quick and sustained weight loss without harmful side effects. It helps melting fat and eliminates cellulite helping the skin regain its shape and elasticity.

Regular intake of the tea helps to lower inflammation in the body and controlling joint pain and rheumatism.


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