Cleavers, Galium aparine, Γάλλιο.


Galium aparine, also known as goosegrass, cleavers, stickyweed, gripgrass and Velcro weed is a native of Europe, Asia, North Africa and Japan, but you will find it growing all over the world today.

When it comes in direct contact with the skin it causes an unpleasant rash. It has vulnerary, refrigerant, diuretic, depurative, astringent, appetite depressant and anti-cancer properties.

Used medicinally as a lymphatic diuretic, it is known for its ability to cleanse the lymph system, kidneys and liver of toxins. This detoxification action is helpful is treating arthritis and psoriasis as these diseases benefit from blood purification. It is also an effective treatment for urinary infections, gravel and urinary stones.

Gallium aparine is recommended for regulating blood pressure as it does not slow the rate of the heart. It also relieves pain and swelling of the tonsils.

Applied externally as a poultice, it can relieve pain and treat poisonous bites, light wounds, stings of insects, and burns.

It is also used to treat feline lower urinary tract disease and it is safe for long term administration. It can be used to lower blood pressure in dogs, too.

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