Tulsi, Rama -- Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)


(Rama tulsi, Holy Basil)

Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

"Oh, Narada! Every house, every village, every forest, wherever the plant of Tulsi is grown, there misery, fear, disease and poverty do not exist." Much esteemed basil of warm climates. Purple stemmed. Highly aromatic plant of the Ayurvedic tradition.  We have tested all varieties and found this one to be highest in medicinal compounds.  Adaptogenic, antifungal, antibacterial and immune enhancing.  Sow in spring, just below surface, tamp well and keep evenly moist, warm and in the light.  

According to ancient folklore, the Tulsi (tulasi) plant is a manifestation of the Divine Mother on Earth, for the benefit of all creation.  Tulsi is a gentle and easy-to-grow adaptogen, meaning that the tea of the dried leaves helps reduce the deleterious effects of stress, both physical and psychological. Enhances physical and mental endurance, increasing assimilation of oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream.  Strong antioxidant activity slows the aging process and helps prevent and treat cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and dementia.  Normalizes both blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Excellent wellness drink to help quit drinking coffee.  Also used during sickness to help overcome cough, cold, flu and fever.  Assists digestion and is good for treating any and all maladies of the digestive system.  Tastes good and provides gentle stimulation to body, mind and spirit. Growing tea basils brings many blessings to the household!

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