Black Garlic by DOWNVILLAGE


Downvillage's Black Garlic is made out of Greek organic garlic on Pelion mountain. 

How it turns from white to Black

Under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, the garlic caramelizes slowly for 40 days, without preservatives, developing tasty features and more antioxidant properties.

The strong smell and the spiciness of garlic disappear during production resulting in a sweet and smoky flavor, with a touch of liquorice, caramel, coffee and grape juice syrup. 

So, without the intense aroma of raw garlic can easily be used on pasta, sauces, risotto, meat, marinades, salads and in every recipe in which you would normally use white garlic.


A food with countless beneficial properties for the human body, black garlic, comparing to the white garlic, has double antioxidant effect, which makes it a great support to the human body against free radicals.

Improves blood pressure, blood circulation and levels of cholesterol. It's antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal.
Recent researches show anticancer properties and a reduction of symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
All the above bring black garlic in the foreground of a healthy diet. It is the natures proposal to face major health problems and diseases.

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