Mastic & herbs soap with sea algae and olive oil


Natural soaps made with 100% plant derived ingredients, mastic oil and brown sea algae which are known from the ancient times, for their therapeutic properties. Rich but natural lather, effective hygiene for the face and body. Exceptionally good for deep cleansing, purity and gentle care for every type of skin. The bits of sea algae which are in this soap help to scrub the skin better, complement the ability for deep cleaning and help to physically remove the dead skin cells.

Mastic oil: Scientific research has shown that it has powerful antibacterial and antifungal activity. It activates the mechanism for the renewal of the skin cells and preserves the necessary moisture of the skin.

Brown Sea algae. A useful supplement for skin health containing more than 50 vitamins, minerals and valuable amino acids. Improves tone and texture of skin, protects and adds shine. It helps to increase metabolism and may assist in combating weight and cellulite problems.

This soap is dermatologically tested and is awarded with an international certification that is 100% hypo allergenic and 0% skin irritant.

Natural, quality, pure soaps with the best pure ingredients, olive oil and mastic

For every skin type. Net weight of soap: 125gr (4.41 oz)Mastic natural pure soaps, hellenic plant derived excellent ingredients gentle to skin no (without) chemicals, good perfect natural olive oil soaps with Chios (khios Hios) masticha (mastika, mastiha, mastixa, mastichi, mastix), olive oil natural soaps hypoallergic hypo allergic hypo allergenic Geek natural quality soaps

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