Chelidonium majus, bloodroot, Χελιδόνιο


The Chelidonium majus also known as bloodroot is native of Europe, North America and Western Asia. The herb is known for its sedative, purgative, hepatic, diuretic, depurative, cholagogue and analgesic properties.

It is used to remove obstructions from the gall bladder and liver. It increases perspiration and removes toxins from the body. It is also an excellent treatment for bad cases of scurvy. It is used as an eye lotion to eliminate and opaque (white)spots on the cornea.

Chelidonium majus is known to sure the itch when applied mixed with sulphur. It is also highly effective in treating piles. The juice of the herb is highly effective in curing warts, corns and ringworm; however, care should be taken not to spill it on any other part of the skin.

In many parts in Europe the Chelidonium majus is used to abate toothaches with fermentation. Taken as a tea, it is excellent liver tonic. It is also an effective expectorant and analgesic.

This herb should not be used by pregnant women. In high doses it can be very toxic; it is listed as a narcotic and poison in some herbal databases.

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