Primula veris Cowslip Πρίμουλα


The cowslip, also known as mayflower, key of heaven, fairy cups and palsywort is a native of Asia and Europe. The herb has been used for a very long time as medicine. It finds mention in ancient mythology where Celtic druids used to enhance the power of absorption of other medicinal herbs.

In ancient times it was mostly used to treat gout, muscular rheumatism, and as a sedative for anxiety and stress symptoms. It was also used to counter paralytic attacks and for memory loss.

The juice from the root and leaves is known to help counter aging signs such as wrinkles and skin spotting. It is also an effective remedy for sunburn and freckles.

The cowslip is used for treating cramps, convulsions, palsies phrensies, hallucinations, vertigo and nerves. It is also good for eliminating pains of the bladder and back. It is known to take away trembling, giddiness and many nervous related troubles. Cowslip also helps wounds to heal without infection.   

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