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Dhyan Ahado

A special place with a great range of herbs and herbal products. You can find your way there by the scent of drying herbs. The owner is very knowledgeable and helpful but be patient as Botano is always busy!

Sonja Vorkamp

I would drive the worst roads just to buy herbs at Botano! Excellent knowledge about the teas and spices, you always find help!

Birgitta Kolte

A unique shop in the small village of Kouses... Here you find herbs, teas, spices, natural cosmetics, oils, honey and much more in a magical atmosphere... Sit a while, drink a tea and enjoy the vibes and the view... Absolutely amazing...


The Perfect Cup Of Tea

The Perfect Cup Of Tea

There are a number of factors that determine how pleasant the taste of your tea is. These extra steps, in addition to the normal brewing instructions, will elevate your tea to new heights.

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