"7 Sauce Set" Chili Sauce Set


This set contains a wide range of 7 chili sauces, from mild to extremely hot. Each sauce features a specific type of chili and a unique and balanced flavor, from sweet Jalapeño to intense Carolina Reaper: there's something for every chili fanatic.

  • (Green) JALAPEÑO & DATE Sauce - 100ml
    • The overall flavor of this sauce is sweet and complex, like a spicy chutney. The jalapeño pepper provides a mild heat with a pleasant vegetal earthy flavor.
    • Onions, charleston peppers, jalapeño chillis (20%), white wine vinegar, dates (10%), limes, garlic, olive oil, coriander, sea salt.
    • Hotness: 3/10 Scoville: approx. 3.000 SHU
    • This Caribbean-style sauce is inspired by the flavors of Jerk seasoning. Medium to hot.
    • Peppers, onions, white wine vinegar, scotch bonnet chilies (13%), ginger, garlic, limes, olive oil, celery salt, spice mixture (0,3%).
    • Hotness: 4/10 Scoville: approx. 7.000 SHU
  • (Pink) CHIPOTLE & PINEAPPLE Sauce - 100ml
    • Smoked chipotle chili gives this sauce a bold, full flavor, completed by sweet, ripe pineapple.
    • Onions, peppers, pineapple (17%), white wine vinegar, red jalapeño chillis, limes, chipotle chillis (1,7%), olive oil, salt.
    • Hotness: 5/10 Scoville: approx. 10.000 SHU
  • (Yellow) HABANERO & TOMATILLO Sauce - 100ml
    • Hot habanero chilies are paired with tomatillo fruit a versatile and delicious chili sauce. The balanced taste goes with every dish.
    • Peppers, tomatillos (22%), onions, habanero chillis (20%), white wine vinegar, apples, limes, garlic, olive oil, sea salt.
    • Hotness: 7/10 Scoville: approx. 25.000 SHU
  • (Orange) GHOST PEPPER & MANGO Sauce - 100ml
    • Deliciously exotic fruity and intense ripe mangos and cumin complement the Indian ghost pepper chili.
    • Peppers, onions, white wine vinegar, mangos (12%), apples, bhut jolokia "ghost" chili (7%), limes, olive oil, cumin, sea salt.
    • Hotness: 8/10 Scoville: approx. 30.000 SHU
    • First comes a sweet citrus and chili flavor, then the spiciness slowly and intensely.
    • Peppers, apples, onions, white wine vinegar, clementines (10%), Trinidad scorpion chili (6%), garlic, limes, olive oil, sea salt.
    • Hotness: 9/10 Scoville: approx. 55.000 SHU
  • (Black) CAROLINA REAPER & BLUEBERRY Sauce - 100ml
    • Sweet blueberries complement the floral chili flavor but it feels like a tattoo on your tongue.
    • Peppers, onions, white wine vinegar, apples, blueberries (10%), Carolina reaper chili (8%), limes, olive oil, sea salt.
    • Hotness: 10/10 Scoville: approx. 65.000 SHU

By CRAZY BASTARD SAUCE, created from a passion for chili. As a life-long chili fan, Jonathan O'Reilly wanted a sauce that isn't just hot but has the real characteristic flavor and heat of the chilis at its core. Their sauces have been dropping the jaws of chili fans since 2013, winning many international awards in the process, on their quest to hand-make top-quality hot sauces!

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