Aronia melanocarpa, Black Chokeberry Η αρώνια η μελανόκαρπη,


Aronia melanocarpa, a native of North America is often found along swamps and wet woods. The berries make one’s mouth pucker – hence, the name. Often cultivated as an ornamental plant, it is increasingly used in processed forma in tea, extracts, syrup, extracts, jam, wine and so on. In many places, the berries are used for colouring and flavouring yoghurt and beverages.

This is a plant that is extremely resistant to insects, disease, drought and pollution; hence, it can be grown anywhere as long as it is under trees so it has sufficient shade.

Popular for their anti-oxidant properties, the Aronia melanocarpa berries are also used in treating cholesterol, liver problems, cervical cancer, breast cancer, hypertension, inflammation, cardio-vascular disease, colorectal cancer, inflammation of the eye, and boosting of immune system.

The herb possesses anti-viral properties, which helps is treating cold and flu. It also has the ability to normalize the carbohydrate metabolism in people suffering from diabetes.

Aronia melanocarpa is on herb that exhibits absolutely no harmful or toxic effects from any part – extract, juice or fruits.

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