Betula cordifolia - Σημύδα


Betula cordifolia is a native of Northern regions of the USA, Eastern Canada and parts of New England. Also known as the “Eastern Paper Birch” and “Mountain White Birch” this tree was once upon a time the main food consumed by the Incas. The birch sap is considered an excellent and refreshing beverage in Russia, China, Finland and the Baltic States.

Xylitol is a compound extracted from the Betula cordifolia tree. This is an artificial sweetener, which not only prevents tooth decay, but also in many cases showed that it can actually even repair tooth decay.

The oil extracted from Betula cordifolia leaves have excellent astringent properties. The inner bark of the tree has been used since ancient times to fight fever. The sap of the tree is diuretic and the essential oil of this tree is an exceptionally effective astringent.

The young shoots of the tree produce a resin-type substance that is used as a tonic laxative. Infusion from the leaves has been used for treating rheumatism, gout and dropsy. It has also been used to help dissolving stones formed in the kidney.

The Betula cordifolia bark fights against putrefaction. A decoction of the bark is highly effective in treating eruptions on the skin.


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