Black Garlic Starter Kit "Christmas Edition"


Perfect for someone who would like to have a first experience with black garlic, or as a gift to a gourmet lover. This "Starter Kit - Christmas Edition" by DOWNVILLAGE contains:

  • Black Garlic Honey (100g)
    • Honey with black garlic fits perfectly with cheese and cold cuts, as a salad dressing, along with mayonnaise or mustard for spreading into sandwiches or burgers or as a crust in grilled meat or fish.
  • Black Garlic Ketchup (100g)
    • This is regular ketchup's sexy cousin, you can use it on anything that complements ketchup and you'll get even better results!
  • Black Garlic Mayonnaise (100g)
    • Mayonnaise enriched with Pelion black garlic acquires a deep, umami, and subtle black garlic aftertaste, ideal to replace the classic mayonnaise in all uses.

By DOWNVILLAGE, a passionate business located in Volos centered around the miracle superfood "Black Garlic", producing extremely high-quality products for gourmet dishes and a healthier diet.

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