24h Body Cream from snail secretion by PANACEA3 (100ml)


The uniquely high percentage of allantoin, elastin, collagen, proteins, glycolic acid, glucosamines, peptides and other active ingredients of snail secretion act synergistically with each other and with the rest of the natural ingredients of the cream give a unique soft and firm skin even from the first use.

It removes dead cells from the soles of the feet, knees and elbows and gives unique softness from the first use. Whitens the skin and deeply moisturises it.
Effectively treats stretch marks and wound marks.

It fights flatness in the arms, chest and abdomen giving unique elasticity to the skin.
It fights discolouration and patches as well as vertical lines in the neckline and cleavage.
It benefits the skin, even on its lower layers, which makes it particularly effective in scars and signs of acne, wounds and burns.
On the other hand, the high antioxidant action of the cream protects the body from showing signs of fatigue and old age while at the same time deeply moisturises it effectively fighting dry skin.
The snail secretion’s glycolic acid exfoliates in depth and gives elastic, firm and "full" skin.
It fights against skin rashes and discolourations and relieves irritation of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies and insect bites.
It delivers unique softness and firmness throughout the body which breathes freely afterwards.

After a wound or a burn, it is advisable to use the body cream of the Panacea3 cosmetics series as it has strong anti - inflammatory action and prevents the creation of blood clots/"scabs" while creating a very healthy new tissue very quickly avoiding permanent marks.

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