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Kannevia tea is made of hand-picked industrial cannabis. Contains terpenes and cannabinoids, cannabidiol CBD, cannabis seeds rich in Ω3 / Ω6 fatty acids and plant protein. The CBD content adds distinctive and beneficial properties to tea.
Consumption gives you a sense of well-being with anxiolytic, antispasmodic and analgesic action. It relieves period cramps, joint pain, migraines, soreness, soothe an upset stomach. It also helps stimulate the body and regulate metabolism.

It is recommended to drink with hot or cold water. You can also add honey and lemon or you can add the tea in salads, juices etc.

Put one teaspoon of cannabis tea in 200ml of boiling water for ten minutes
For the absorption of cannabidiol, either crush the seeds before you put them in water, or add any fatty substance like butter, milk, almond oil or coconut oil.

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