Cinnamon (Ceylon) Essential Oil by SAPONARIA (5ml)

It strengthens the immune system and supports a healthy metabolism. Helps with digestive problems. Promotes healthy gums and deals with bad breath.
*From an organic cultivation.

General Instructions for Using Essential Oils
Diffuser: 3-7 drops.
Palms: rub 1 drop in your palms and take a deep breath.
Massage: in 1 tbsp of any carrier oil, mix 2-7 drops of an essential oil
Facial Steaming: 1-5 drops in a bowl with enough hot water.
In the bath: mix 10-20 drops in milk, honey, salts or carrier oil and add to the water.
Footbath: 5-10 drops in a basin of water.
Compresses: 5-10 drops in a bowl with lukewarm or cold water.
Face cream: 2-8 drops rub between palms and apply by pressing into the skin.
Shampoo / conditioner / shower gel: 8-20 drops.
Undiluted application: 1 drop direct topical use (only in certain essential oils)
Enhancing Flavour: 1 drop in your recipes, in salads, in tea, milk etc (only specific essential oils)
In a spray bottle: 20-50 drops in 500ml water for spraying on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, furniture, curtains, mattresses, bedding, clothes, rooms, etc.
In closets and drawers: 1 drop on a piece of cotton.
On the pillow: 1 drop on the right and left side of the pillow.

Never apply inside the eyes, nose, ears, genitals. Use the recommended dosage for each essential oil. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a chronic condition, consult your doctor before use.

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