Black Garlic Peeled Cloves (50gr) by DOWNVILLAGE


White garlic caramelises slowly for 40 days, under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, developing especially tasty features, but also its antioxidant properties.
After the garlic is matured, the cloves are peeled by hand, choosing only the best and premium, which are placed in sterile glass jars.
The result is extremely aromatic, with senses of liquorice, caramel, coffee and molasses. It is soft, and can be used easily melted in warm and cold sauces, or as a spread in marinades, in salads, pasta, used as an ingredient in super food bars as well or to create a different 'tzatziki'.
As time passes it matures even more, obtaining a chewy texture. At this stage, it can be consumed like a candy or as a superfood snack. Or do it the Korean way: dipped in chocolate!

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