Black Garlic Starter Kit (3 in 1) by DOWNVILLAGE


Containing 3 small jars of:
 -Black Garlic Honey (25 gr)
 -Black Garlic Cloves (20 gr)
 -Black Garlic Caviar (15 gr)
Perfect for someone who would like to have a first experience with black garlic. Suitable for a gift.
Whole cloves can be used in pesto for pasta or risotto sauce, as a sandwich or burger spread, in tzatziki, but also to give body and scent to meat sauce sauces.
Honey with black garlic fits perfectly with cheese and cold cuts, as a salad dressing, along with mayonnaise or mustard for spreading into sandwiches or burgers or as a crust in grilled meat or fish. Caviar black garlic will give a different tone to canape and bites, but also to sushi.

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