Hawthorn flowers, leafs - Crataegus Κράταιγος άνθη, φύλλα

Hawthorn flowers and berries have been used since 1st century for treating heart and circulatory disorders. Its cardiovascular healing properties have been recognised by modern science and recommended for treatment of heart failure, hardening of arteries, chest pain, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and even respiratory diseases.

It is extensively used as a tonic, pain-killer, and for checking all types of haemorrhages – both internal and external.  Taken in the form of tea, it can bring quick relief for all types of internal bleeding.

An astonishing property of Hawthorn flowers and berries is that it “senses” whether it needs to stimulate or calm the heart, which makes it so special as a heart tonic. It is also used extensively and effectively to staunch bleeding of the stomach, inward bleeding piles and irritable bowels.

In the ancient times the paste of the Hawthorn flowers and berries was used for treating a wide variety of skin problems. Its application to burst varicose veins often saved lives. It sooths irritation and decreases pain and swelling from insect bites, burns, scalds and minor bruises. Applied to inflamed eyelids it can give almost instant relief and decrease swelling swiftly.

For Blood pressure, heat, blood circulation, cholesterol, prostate, sugar level.
Hawthorn has been used for heart cardiac insufficiency, bradycardic rhythm disorders and angina pectoris.Hawthorn increases the blood flow to the heart and restores normal heart beat. Hawthorn is also used after heart attack to help recovery. Hawthorn dilates blood and assists in reducing high blood pressure. Studies have shown that hawthorn increase the contraction strength and the stroke volume of the hearth. Howthorn is only effective if taken for a period of minimum six weeks.

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