Curry Plant Flower Water (Helichrysum Italicum)


Produced from the double distillation of the flowers of the curry plant where it is separated from the essential oil. It has all the soothing and regenerative properties of the plant.

◉ Skin healing and circulatory stimulant.
◉ Improves circulation throughout the body and thus allows relief from all vein problems such as hemorrhoids
◉ Relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
◉ Ideal for men to use after shaving, as it soothes the skin from razor irritation.
◉ It has healing and anti-inflammatory properties
◉ Helps heal acne scars, as well as redness and rosacea.
◉ Ideal for cleansing mature skin or as a tonic lotion. It adapts perfectly, helps to repair skin imperfections, and fights wrinkles.

To apply, close your eyes and spray your face, neck, and sensitive areas as many times as you deem necessary. Leave it on without wiping it.

◉ It can be used before or after the application of makeup.
◉ It can be used either with a simple spray or with a compress.


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