Exfoliating Olive Oil Soap with 3% Snail Mucus by PANACEA 3 (100gr)

This soap is produced in Crete. Suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin. It regulates greasiness and dryness. For the face, hands, and body. The snail mucus can help with acne dry skin, discolouration, and stretch marks while the snail shell powder offers a light exfoliating effect.

Way of use:
Use soap for daily cleansing of your face, hands, body, and hair as well as shaving foam. Rinse gently and allow the lather of your soap to stay on your skin and hair for about 1 minute. Rinse. Be careful to avoid the eyes but if not, rinse thoroughly with water.
For all skin types even for sensitive and fragile skin.
For external use only.

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