Ginkgo / Gingo Biloba leaves


Ginkgo/gingo biloba is commonly known as maidenhair tree is a native of China. A unique thing about this tree is that it is a living fossil that resembles fossils that date as much as 270 million years.

Ginkgo biloba is revered both as a food and medicine for its vasodilator, tonic, cordial, astringent, antitussive, antioxidant, anti-depressant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.  The leaves, seeds and roots have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 3,000 years.

The Ginkgo biloba leaves contain flavonoids, ginkgolides, and bilobalides that help improve blood circulation especially to the brain enhancing the oxygenation of this organ. There are enough studies that show conclusively that the leaves of Ginkgo improve blood circulation and cognitive functions.

It is also an excellent tonic for the eyes; it is a preventive for macular degeneration. Owing to its primary role of improving blood circulation, the Ginkgo biloba leaves are used to prevent and treat premature hair loss. The leaves are also known to increase libido in both men and women.

Among other health benefits the Ginkgo biloba leaves offer is alleviation of allergies and asthma owing to the 7 natural antihistamines and 12 anti-inflammatory compounds it contains.

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