Gymnema Sylvestre, Γύμνεμα Συλβέστερ.

Also known as Gurmar, Gymnema Sylvestre is the native of India. The translation of its name is literally, “destroyer of sugar” because after chewing on the leaves of this plant, one cannot taste sweet and also because it increases insulin levels. This medicinal plant has been used in Ayurvedic medical treatment for more than 2,000 years.

It is recognised medically for its refrigerant, astringent and appetite depressant properties besides its ability to regulate blood sugar. It contains gymnemic acids, compounds which slow down the absorption of glucose from the intestines into the bloodstream.  Some studies have shown that Gymnema Sylvestre can help regenerate the pancreas cells, which produce insulin.

The plant has been used for treating type-2 diabetes as it has the capacity to lower blood sugar for those who are hyperglycaemic. It is also used for treating fever, upper respiratory infection and regulating cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

Taken over prolonged periods, Gymnema Sylvestre can keep you away from sugary foods and hence, help you commit to balanced eating plans. As an appetite depressant, it helps keep overeating tendencies in check and hence an acclaimed weight loss aid.

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