Hops (Humulus lupulus) Λυκίσκος το ζυθοβότανο


Also known as Hops, the Humulus lupulus is a native of the Netherlands. The medicinal use of this herb has been found in records dating the Roman Empire.

It is particularly recognised for its sedative, nervine, galactagogue, diuretic, butter, anti-cancer, anodyne and analgesic properties. While the fresh Humulus lupulus are a source of bitters, which aid digestion, the aged plant is best used as a sedative.

Traditional medicine use hop as treatment for bladder infections, insomnia and irritable bladder as well as for sprains/ bruises, earache, back pain, and as replacement of female hormones. It is effective in improving appetite and eliminate nervous irritation.

Combined with chamomile or poppy it becomes an excellent remedy for painful joints, bruises, rheumatic pain and boils.

It is also found very effective in treating anxiety disorders, which include nervousness, depression and sleeplessness. A pillow full of hop is believed to be a  traditional remedy for nervousness, earache and toothache.

It is important to note that Humulus lupulus is a rich source of prenylnaringenin or plant oestrogen. Hence, it is contraindicated for use of pre-puberty children (both boys and girls).

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