Hydrangea arborescens dry root Ορτανσία.


Also known as seven-bark, the Hydrangea arborescens - is a native of North America, but it is found rowing wildly all through Europe and Asian subcontinent.

This is a very versatile medicinal plant, but it is primarily recognised as a remedy for kidney problems. It is acclaimed especially for its tonic, cathartic and diuretic properties. It is highly effective for treatment of calculous diseases. Though it does not remove the stones from the gall bladder, it helps removing them and kills the pain. The effectiveness of the Hydrangea arborescens to remove stones has been proven by a number of research studies.

The root of this medicinal plant is used and as per the remedies used by the Cherokee Indians, it can be used to treat urinary problems and stones, dropsy, scurvy, gout, backache, enlarged prostate, cystitis, glandular conditions, rheumatism, arthritis and all types of rheumatic conditions.

It is especially potent for all types of kidney problems; it has been found many times to be able to cure almost terminally ill patients – just with the tea of Hydrangea arborescens and nothing else.

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