"Jalapeño & Date" Chili Sauce


Mild-medium chili sauce with jalapeño chili & dates. This sauce has a sweet and rich flavor, similar to a spicy chutney, with a slight heat and a lovely vegetal earthy flavor from the jalapeno pepper. 

  • Ingredients
    • Onion, Charleston Pepper, Jalapeño Chili (20%), White Wine Vinegar, Dates (10%), Limes, Garlic, Olive Oil, Coriander, Sea Salt
  • Taste
    • The overall flavor of this sauce is sweet and complex, like a spicy chutney, with the Jalapeño pepper providing a mild heat with a pleasant vegetal earthy flavor
  • Pairing 
    • This sweet and spicy sauce is perfect on burgers and sandwiches in place of chutney or relish, pairing especially well with butter beans, pasta, basmati rice, goat's cheese, and crispy bacon
  • Hotness
    • 3/10 
  • Scoville (estimated)
    • 3.000 SHU

By CRAZY BASTARD SAUCE, created from a passion for chili. As a life-long chili fan, Jonathan O'Reilly wanted a sauce that isn't just hot but has the real characteristic flavor and heat of the chilis at its core. Their sauces have been dropping the jaws of chili fans since 2013, winning many international awards in the process, on their quest to hand-make top-quality hot sauces!

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