Kava kava Piper methysticum

The Kava kava is a native herb of Australia, South Sea Islands, Sandwich Islands and Polynesia. This herb has been used for a long time as a “drink” that substitutes alcohol. The drinker feels inebriated with the consumption of the kava kava, but there the feeling of anger so common with drunk people is replaced by feeling of contentment, happiness and tranquil. Also, there is no hangover.

Among the most properties it offers are aphrodisiac, diuretic, narcotic, antiseptic, analgesic, nerve stimulating, anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic. In traditional medicine, it has been used in the treatment of nocturnal incontinence, leucorrhoea, syphilis, vaginitis, chronic gonorrhoea, urinary infections, gout, irritable syndrome, bronchial ailments, rheumatism, and heart problems.

Kava kava is also extremely effective for depression, anxiety and insomnia as it can relax the nervous system. It is beneficial for those who suffer from menstrual cramps as it is a potent muscle relaxant. The specialty of the Kava kava as an anti-anxiety medicinal herb is that it can relax without dulling the mind or inducing sleep.

The herb is also used as local anaesthetic for toothache, canker sores, sore gums and sore throat. It is safe for children; it can be given to children who are teething to calm the pain – without any side effects.

The Kava kava is also used as treatment for asthma, kidney infections, broncho-pulmonary infections, rheumatism, ring worm and athlete’s foot, and for cleansing of blood.

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