Lemon Verbena

Also known as vervarin, the Lemon Verbena is a native of Chile, Peru and Argentina, but is now widely cultivated in the tropical regions of Europe. This is an herb that has been used since ancient time in the treatment of a number of ailments.

The herb is recognised and used in traditional medicine systems for its carminative, aromatic, bactericidal, antiseptic, tonic and anti-spasmodic properties.

As tea, the herb provides relief from digestive spasms, reduces stress-induced symptoms, boosts the health of the nervous system, and fights fever and cold symptoms. It is known to calm nerves almost instantly and hence, used for anxiety, stress related insomnia, mental exhaustion and heart palpitations. It is often recommended to reduce the adverse effects of PMS and painful menstrual cycle.

Applied externally, Lemon Verbena acts as an effective expectorant and anti-spasmodic agent. It is excellent at breaking down cellulite and hence, it can help toning the skin, reduce puffiness and heal acne. It is also used extensively as a hair tonic.

An excellent property of this herb is that it can provide relief even if it is not ingested. Those who do not like drinking the Lemon Verbena tea, can use it soaked in their bath and experience the benefits of this miraculous herb.

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