Malva sylvestris, Μολόχα


The Malva sylvestris is also known as high mallow, tall mallow, or garden mallow. This is a native plant of Asia, Europe and Northern Africa.

It is recognised for its anti-inflammatory, hypogycemic, emollient, demulcent, laxative and antibacterial properties. The two major qualities of the Malva sylvestris soothing and healing owing to the high concentration of mucilage it contains.

It is commonly used as an expectorant and can quickly clear congestion and sooth sore throat. It is also prescribed for treatment of stomach ulcers and UTI. The mallow also helps controlling blood sugar. Together with other medicinal herbs it can treat coltsfoot and mullein.

The Malva sylvestris can be used as a poultice, tea and even injection; the latter for gravel disease and strangury. It can also treat broken bones, swelling, painful stomach congestions and wounds. Drank as tea and owing to its tanninand mucilage content,  it makes an excellent diuretic, soothes the digestive system and constipation.

Do not take the Malva sylvestris together with other medication, as the high content of mucilage will interfere with the medications.

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