Muira Puama


The Latin name of Marapama, Potency Wood and Muira Puama is Ptychopetalum olacoides. This herb is native of the Amazon Forest in Brazil and Guyana.  In ancient times, the native people used this herb to treat sexual dysfunction in men, muscle weakness and fatigue. It was also found useful for treating baldness.

The herb is recognised for its two major properties, i.e. nervine and aphrodisiac. Hence, the herb is known to primarily help with acquiring an erection as well as enhance sexual drive and sensation of sexual pleasure. Muira Puama has found place in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a treatment for impotence.  It’s popular because it restores sexual drive as well as helps physiologically.

The herb is also used as a preventive for baldness. Tea made with this herb is known to treat rheumatism, promote the health of the digestive tract and protect and strengthen the heart.

Muira Puama is known to be safe to use. However, if an when the erection that resulted after taking this herb lasts for more than 4 hour and its painful, immediate medical attention is required.

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