Organic Konjac Fiber / Glucomannan Powder (Amorphophallus Konjac)


Glucomannan also known as Konjac root is a water soluble dietary fiber that can absorb two hundred times its weight and acts as a gel when combined with liquids.

Glucomannan is considered as an effective appetite suppressant and has properties to curb hunger.

Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Glucomannan Konjac can help you accelerate your weight loss results. It also improves blood glucose levels and lowers cholesterol. When taken regularly, studies have shown that it can improve digestive health.

How to use: For childhood obesity and adolescents 2 to 3gr daily. For adults 3 to 4gr daily. For people with constipation 3 to 4gr in water (with a second glass of water).

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