Plantago Psyllium seeds Ψύλλιο Πλάνταγκο αρνόγλωσσο Σπόροι


The Psyllium seeds are well-known for their ability to produce mucilage. Native of Europe and India, Psyllium’s Latin name is  Plantago ovata. The name mean “horse flower” in Persian and refers to the shape of the flower.

The medicinal value of the seeds has been known for centuries in India and other ancient civilizations. The soluble-fibre helps in reducing cholesterol and keeping it low.

Its primary use is to provide fibre and stimulate bowel movement. It is used to treat both constipation and diarrhoea. The popularity of the Psyllium seeds is owed to the fact that it is one of the very few natural laxatives that do not create flatulence as a by-product. It is also used for treating IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) without any side effects.

The Psyllium seeds are also used as a weight loss aid when taken about 30 minutes before food. It is easy to add to majority of dishes, too.

It is important that psyllium is taken with adequate amounts of water or risk chocking as it can thicken in the throat itself owing to its super ability to soak water.


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