'Prickly Pear & Aloe Vera' Soap by HELLEO


Inspired by the warm climate of Crete, this therapeutic soap gives rich hydration to tired skin from the long exposure to the sun. The healing and regenerative properties of the "miracle plant" aloe vera, the antioxidant and soothing substances of the "upcoming cactus" prickly pear, the St. John’s wort’s healing, moisturizing, and disinfecting properties, and the blend of essential oils can offer a delightful bathing experience, especially after a long day under the sun.

Highly nourishing soap. Ideal for damaged skin and hair

All skin types / Daily use / Face, body, and hair

Organic olive oil, coconut oil, st. John’s wort extract, aloe vera juice, prickly pear juice, pure essential oils: lavender, pine, ylang-ylang, patchouli.

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