Rosehips, whole (Rosa Canina)

Rosehips are wonderful little packages that are delicious in teas or even substituted for your favourite fruit in recipes for preserves. High in vitamin C, especially, but also containing vitamins A, B3, D, and E, rosehips are an effective nutritive — especially helpful during the long cold and flu season. Rosehips are also a strong antioxidant, protecting you from the ravaging effects of the free radicals that are a part of any urban lifestyle.
Rosehips also contain iron, which is therapeutic for anemia as well as for easing pain and discomfort during one’s monthly cycle. Their flavonoid content makes rosehips strong antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Their anti-inflammatory nature helps soothe all kinds of pain, including arthritis, gout, and sore muscles.

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