"Sweet Chili Challenge" Florinis Peppers & Chilli Chutney


Handmade mild spicy Red Florina Pepper Chutney with Chili Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, and Red Wine Vinegar, without preservatives. 

Red Florina Peppers, Tomato, Brown Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Chilli Peppers, Garlic

Ideally served with cheese platters, cold cuts, meat (pork and beef), and poultry. Can be added to sauces and offer the scent of Florina peppers and heat on the aftertaste due to the chili.

◉ As it does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, and additives, it should be kept in the refrigerator after opening.

By JUKEROS, a Greek business located in Kallithea, producing handmade extremely high-quality products with unique flavors and combinations, free from preservatives or coloring substances.

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