"Trinidad Scorpion & Clementine" Chili Sauce


Very hot chili sauce with Trinidad scorpion chili and clementines. First comes sweet citrus and chili flavor, then the spiciness slowly and intensely.

  • Ingredients
    • Peppers, Apple, Onion, White Wine Vinegar, Clementines (10%), Trinidad Scorpion Chili (6%), Garlic, Limes, Olive Oil, Sea Salt
  • Taste
    • Citrus, sweet, strong chili aroma, notes of garlic in the background
  • Pairing 
    • Rice dishes, soups, and stews, pizza, grilled food, Caribbean and Asian dishes
  • Hotness
    • 9/10 - slow-building and long-lasting
  • Scoville (estimated)
    • 55.000 SHU

By CRAZY BASTARD SAUCE, created from a passion for chilis. As a life-long chili fan, Jonathan O'Reilly wanted a sauce that isn't just hot but has the real characteristic flavor and heat of the chilis at its core. Their sauces have been dropping the jaws of chili fans since 2013, winning many international awards in the process, on their quest to hand-make top-quality hot sauces!

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