"Lemon" Cretan Sea Salt (Fleur De Sel)


A crisp, concentrated citrus taste adds brightness to your foods, making them sing with zing. Depending on the season, green unripe, as well as juicy bright yellow lemons are used to create the signature cornerstone flavor of one of our most beloved, well-balanced, and refreshing salts.

The crystals that form on the top during the evaporation process of the seawater are known as "Flower of the Salt" (Fleur De Sel) and are hand-harvested from the south shore of Crete. The Cretan sea salt is naturally high in iodine, nutrients, and minerals all of which are essential to our health and body.

Cretan Sea Salt, Lemon Peel

Primarily used as a finishing salt, it rocks a bright color and a fresh zesty flavor that elevates everything from dark chocolate to pasta, salads, especially Greek Salad, roasted vegetables, potatoes, tomato slices, fish like grilled salmon, shrimp, avocado toast, meats like chicken, desserts, or even snacks.
BONUS TIP: Crush Lemon Flake a bit between your fingers and you have the perfect salt for rimming glasses for margaritas, Bloody Marys, Tequila shots, and whiskey sours.

◉ Should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry area- to preserve the flavor, texture, and properties.
◉ Depending on how they are stored, the spices in seasoned salts may begin losing their potency and full flavor after 6 months or so. Υou can still use it as salt, though. 

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