Natural Insect Repellent Oil


Protects Before Bites - Relives & Heals After Bites - Nourishes, Moisturizes & Leaves Your Skin Silky Soft

  • 100% natural efficacy protection from mosquitoes, midges, flies, and other insects without any side effects.
  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Protects from insect bites from the danger of disease transmission from said insect bites, while also protecting those allergic to insect bites.
  • Recommended for babies, children and adults.
  • Especially good for relieving inflammation when applied directly to insect bites.
  • Can be used even on dry and sensitive skins.
  • Easily absorbed.

Apply the Natural MINOA Oil, with a gentle massage, over your hands, face, and body two times per day or before any possible exposure to insects, for maximum protection. Ideal for outdoor parties, sports & activities in forests, gardens, beaches, and for travelers, especially during spring and summer. Perfect for overnight use.

Avoid contact with eyes. If there is contact, rinse off with plenty of water. Shake the bottle before application. Store in a cool & shadow place. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

All ingredients are 100% Natural (proprietary formula) without any chemical processing or additives and have a long and honorable history since ancient times. High-quality Cretan extra virgin olive oil with natural herbal essence oil from Peppermint, Divaricate, Saposhnikovia Root, Camphor Tree, Notopterygium Root, Gianthyssop Herb, Viola Herb, Fructus Quisqualis. 

The extra virgin olive oil contains Linoleic Acid, similar to that contained in maternal milk, and Vitamin E - considered to be re-vitalizing and preventing the oxidation of Lipids in the cellular membranes - thus delaying the aging of the tissues and the claudication.


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