Toothpaste with Mastic & Spearmint


Toothpaste for white teeth, with the natural freshness of Mint. For strong, clean, and healthy teeth without tartar and caries but with a fresh breath. Ideal for smokers. Suitable for homeopathy (contains spearmint and not peppermint).

By ANEMOS, a Greek business located in Chios, producing all-natural, handcrafted, mastic-related products. With a deep tradition and long experience in Mastic growing, they encapsulate the essence of pure Mastic in a variety of exceptionally high-quality products while being efficient enough to offer the highest Value-For-Money rate in their field. That and "Being a pioneer and not an imitator" are the 2 pillars they're based on.

In order to minimize their environmental impact, ANEMOS optimized waste efficiency during production.

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