Black Garlic Peeled Cloves


White garlic caramelizes slowly for 40 days, under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, developing its special taste characteristics and its antioxidant properties.
After the garlic has matured, the cloves are peeled by hand, selecting only the best and best cloves, which are placed in sterile glass jars.
The result is extremely aromatic, with tones of licorice, caramel, coffee, and petit jelly. As time passes, it matures, even more, acquiring a chewy texture.

Since it's soft, it can be used by melting it easily in hot and cold sauces, as a spread in marinades, in salads, pasta, as an ingredient in superfood bars, as a superfood snack, or even as the Koreans suggest: dipping it in chocolate!

By DOWNVILLAGE, a passionate business located in Volos centered around the miracle superfood "Black Garlic", producing extremely high-quality products for gourmet dishes and a healthier diet.

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