Black Teapot with Strainer


Cast iron teapots are not only lovely things to show in your tea nook, but they are also a simple and effective way to prepare a great cup of tea.

The advantage of using a cast iron teapot is that it is quite durable. They have a high heat retention capacity, so your tea will stay hotter for longer after you brew it. The pot is made of carefully purified cast iron and has an enamel covering on the inside. These cast iron pots are not appropriate for stovetop heating due to the coating. Instead, use a stovetop or electric kettle to boil water before brewing your tea in the cast iron pot.

Before making tea in a cast iron teapot, heat the pot by putting hot water into it and allowing it to settle for a few seconds. This helps to heat up the pot and keeps your tea warm for longer.

Because this teapot is composed of iron, it is prone to rust if not properly cleaned. After each usage, allow your pot to cool before rinsing and washing it with warm water. In general, you should avoid using soap or other cleaning products on your pot since they might harm the enamel and iron. When your pot is clean, dry it with a soft cloth before inverting it to continue air-drying.

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