Cinnamon "Kanela" Liqueur


A revived 15th-century “tentura" recipe, from the Ionian Islands of Greece, with true cinnamon and clove buds.

Roots 'Kanela' has its roots in the homemade tinctures (extracts, which got named "tentura"), made with spices arriving at the ports of the Ionian Sea. It has an incredibly unique and deep natural cinnamon taste.

Rich and lush earthy taste with a sweet peppermint and french vanilla feel; a sense of a sweet ʻcigar boxʼ cedary aftertaste. A little bit sweet, sort of spicy; cinnamon scent.

Neat, straight-up digestif. A relaxant after a long day, or an umami dinner, and a cinnamon drop in unique signature cocktails.

By FINEST ROOTS, a Greek brand of the finest-quality, hand-crafted luxury liqueurs that revives historic recipes with a rich heritage and "going back to the roots"only using natural Greek ingredients. Served at some of the world's top bars or at your local liquor shop.

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