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Pink Savory is a rare member of the Satureja genus, which includes the more well-known "cousins" Winter and Summer Savory. It's a potent culinary herb with oregano and thyme undertones.

It is one of the numerous herbs that can make up the Middle Eastern spice mix known as Zatar, and it is sometimes wrongly referred to be Zatar. Other Zatar ingredients include Syrian oregano and Conehead Thyme but are not restricted to these.

Pink Savory prefers a warm, dry environment. The bush above is around five years old, with a diameter of two feet and a height of one foot. From early May until mid-June, it is covered in pink blossoms. Alternatively, the blooms can be used as a peppery garnish.

The Labiatae family's winter savory, Satureja thymbra, is a wild plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean basin. It grows widely in Crete and is a popular plant in the traditional marquis. Because of its antibacterial action, Satureja leaves and blossoms have been used to treat ailments and preserve goods since antiquity.

Savory has been utilized for culinary and therapeutic reasons from ancient times, as evidenced by references from Theophrastus and Dioscoredes, as well as the Romans Virgil and Pliny. The Greek name "Throumbi" is derived from the ancient city of Thymvra, which was located near Troy. Satyrs were frequently found in fields of savory, according to Pliny, which is why Romans believed it had aphrodisiac characteristics, as well as the Latin name Satureja.

Savory has a strong flavor reminiscent of oregano and thyme. It's used to season meat, chicken, fish, venison, sausages, salads, marinades, sauces, vegetables, lentils, and eggs, but its qualities make it excellent for all hard-to-digest meals. It can also be found in olives, raisins, and vinegar.
It has a mild flavor that doesn't overpower the flavor of the meal we put it on, and it's especially wonderful in blends with other herbs, as thyme pairs well with other herbs.

◉ Should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry place- to preserve the flavor, texture, and properties.

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