Dry Dill Leaves


Dill (Anethum graveolens) is a native of Southern Russia and the Mediterranean area. Used as a medicinal herb for more than 2,000 years, dry Dill leaves are known for their aromatic, stomachic, stimulant, galactogogue, midly diuretic and anti-flatulent, anti-fungal, abortifacent, insect repellent and psychedelic properties.    

It is used for its wonderful aroma in salads and seasoning in almost all other dishes and soups. It is also drunk as tea as it eases bloating, relieves gas pains  and settles the stomach.

The dry Dill leaves tea is used to alleviate cough and as an effective remedy for cold and flu.  It is recommended for nursing mothers as it enhances the quantity of the milk, and when transmitted to the baby it will relieve flatulence and prevent colic pain.

In traditional medicine, the leaves are used to treat nausea, lack of appetite, boils, headache and a number of stomach troubles. It also used to treat jaundice. It is considered to be a powerful muscle toner; in parts of Greece, athletes rub the paste of the leaves on the body for this purpose. It is also recommended for women who have scanty or late period; the dry Dill leaves tea will bring it on.

Dry Dill leaves increase the effectiveness of insecticides.

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