Hazelnut Praline Spread | Vegalina | Organic


Vegalina Hazelnut Spread by Kakau Worship Company

Hazelnut*, cacao powder*, coconut blossom sugar*

*Product of organic farming.

Indulge in Pure Decadence with Vegalina – the ultimate cacao spread that harmonizes simplicity and gourmet delight. Proudly brought to you by Kakau Worship Company, Vegalina is a testament to the art of fine, organic spread-making.

- Sumptuous Trio of Ingredients: Crafted with just three wholesome components, Vegalina boasts a blend of rich cacao powder, creamy hazelnuts, and the subtle sweetness of coconut sugar. This minimalist approach ensures each ingredient shines, offering a pure, unadulterated chocolate experience.
- Hazelnut-Heavy Heaven: With an impressive 45% hazelnut content, Vegalina stands out in its category. This generous infusion of hazelnuts not only imparts a deeply satisfying nutty flavor but also contributes to a luxuriously smooth texture that spreads like a dream.
- Consciously Created: Committed to ethical and sustainable practices, Vegalina is a proud product of organic farming. Each jar contains ingredients cultivated with care for the environment and respect for nature's rhythms.
- Palm Oil Free Promise: Vegalina is completely free of palm oil. This commitment ensures that every spoonful is not only better for you but also kinder to our earth.
- No Added Sugar, Just Natural Sweetness: Vegalina contains no added sugars, relying instead on the natural sweetness of coconut sugar. This choice makes this spread not only healthier but also uniquely flavorful.

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