Herbal Footbath "Tired Feet"


No matter how tired or "heavy" your feet may feel, they will rest and become light by taking a foot bath every night for twenty (20) minutes with the herbs in the mixture.
The remarkable thing is that this relief is transferred to the rest of the body, so that the footbath is recommended for every tired body.
For those who suffer from foot odour caused by acid sweat or rot caused by fungi, which multiply with the moisture in the feet, the same footbath can be used to completely deodorise the feet for 48 hours.
Note that this odour is also transferred to other places on the body that smell bad, such as the armpits, the genital area, etc.


Agrimony, bush, rosemary, equisetum, thyme, calendula, walnut leaves, walnut souffle, burdock, lavender, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, sage, linden, chamomile.

How to use

- Boil three (3) tablespoons of the mixture in three kilograms of water for about ten (1O) minutes.
- Drain and leave for ten to fifteen (15) minutes, until the temperature of the infusion is acceptable to the feet.
For best results, add one (1) tablespoon, not full, of dead sea salt.
This footbath can be taken every night for about twenty (20) minutes. The results will amaze you!



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