Hyoscyamus officinalis Υοσκύαμος ο φαρμακευτικός


Hyoscyamus officinal is a native of south Europe, but most common in France. Acclaimed as an exceptionally effective cleanser, the hyssop is recognised for a number of medicinal attributes such as  vulnerary, sedative, nervine, hypotensive, hypertensive, febrifuge, expectorant, emmenagogue, diuretic, diaphoretic/ sudorific, cordial, cicarisant, carminative, aromatic, anti-spasmodic and adaptogen properties.

It is primarily used for treating upper respiratory infections such as bronchitis, colds, sinus infections and influenza. 

The Hyoscyamus officinalis is also used to calm the nerves and as a digestive stimulant. It can be applied to bruises and burns to promote healing and prevent infection.

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